Patterns of Anxiety and Depression Symptoms Among Family Caregivers of Critically Ill Patients with Delirium: A Latent Profile Analysis
CCCF Academy, Stephana Cherak, 313768
Psychosocial Distress Amongst Canadian Intensive Care Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Outbreak
CCCF Academy, Claire Moura, 313769
A Case of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Secondary to Hepatitis C Treatment with Ledipasvir/Sofosbuvir Combination
CCCF Academy, Michayla Nolan, 313770
An Unexpected Airway Foreign Body
CCCF Academy, Tammar Al-Ani, 313771
Dexmedetomidine Compared to Other Sedatives or Placebo in Critically Ill Mechanically Ventilated Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
CCCF Academy, Kim Lewis, 313772
Decontamination Interventions for the Reuse of Surgical Mask Personal Protective Equipment: A Systematic Review
CCCF Academy, David Zorko, 313785
Efficacy and Safety of Disinfectants for Decontamination of N95 and SN95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators: A Systematic Review
CCCF Academy, James Dayre McNally, 313786
Exposure and Transmission of COVID-19 Amongst Canadian Intensive Care Healthcare Workers at the Start of the COVID-19 Outbreak
CCCF Academy, Kyra Moura, 313787
Microwave- and Heat-Based Decontamination of N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators: A Systematic Review
CCCF Academy, Shira Gertsman, 313788
Clinician's Perspectives on The Implementation of a Personalized End of Life Program in a Community Hospital Intensive Care Unit: A Mixed-Method Study
CCCF Academy, Eugenia Yeung, 313789
An Analysis of ICU Transfers in Nova Scotia – Does the transfer of Critically Ill Patients in Nova Scotia Between ICUs Improve Outcomes?
CCCF Academy, Garrett McDougall, 313801
Analysis of Canadian Public Survey Responses Related to Consent in Deceased Organ
CCCF Academy, Amanda Lucas, 313802
Extubation Failure in Intensive Care Units in Nova Scotia: A Descriptive Study
CCCF Academy, Albert Chang, 313803
Safety and Efficacy of Dexmedetomidine in Acutely Ill Adults Requiring Non-Invasive Ventilation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Trials
CCCF Academy, Kim Lewis, 313805
Outcomes in Critically Ill Adults with Influenza Infection
CCCF Academy, Eitan Aziza, 313806
Evaluation of Critical Care Response Team (CCRT) Efficiency after Twelve Years of Implementation in a Tertiary Hospital
CCCF Academy, Maram Busuhail, 313818
Normal Saline Compared to Balanced Crystalloid in Diabetic Ketoacidosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
CCCF Academy, Naif Alghamdi, 313819
Stable ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction Patients Rarely Require Intensive-Care Level Therapy After Primary PCI
CCCF Academy, Andrew Caddell, 313820
Utility of a MET Call Review Committee as a Quality Improvement Tool to Identify Recurring MET Call Thematic Issues
CCCF Academy, Nidhushie Tilak Ramesh, 313821
A Systematic Evaluation of Differences Between COVID-19 Pre-Print Research Studies and Their Final Published Format
CCCF Academy, Neelmani Ahujha, 313822
An Examination of the Use and Interpretation of P-Values In Pediatric Critical Care RCT's with Mortality Outcomes
CCCF Academy, Sarah Nostedt, 313834
Dignity at the Interface: Paediatric Best Interests and the Technologic Imperative
CCCF Academy, Andrew Helmers, 313835
Hemodynamic Assessment by Optical Thermography in Infants with Cardiac Surgery
CCCF Academy, Monisha Shcherbakova, 313836
Levetiracetam Versus (fos)phenytoin for Second-line Treatment of Pediatric Status Epilepticus: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
CCCF Academy, Jennifer Klowak, 313837
Care of Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC): A Retrospective Review of Clinical Practice
CCCF Academy, Emily Reynen, 313838
Update in Patient and Family Centered Care in the ICU
CCCF Academy, Kirsten Fiest, 313973
Sedation and Delirium (Adult and Pediatric Perspectives)
CCCF Academy, Lisa Burry, 313974
Frequentist vs. Bayesian Analysis
CCCF Academy, Christopher Yarnell, 313975
Cardiac-Critical Care
CCCF Academy, Lior Bibas, 313976
ICU Recovery and Long-Term Outcomes (Adult and Pediatric Perspective)
CCCF Academy, Elizabeth Wilcox, 313977
Session: COVID-19 Approach to Management-1
CCCF Academy, Rob Fowler, 314159
Session: Neuro-Critical Care
CCCF Academy, Damon Scales, 314160
Session: End of Life in the ICU
CCCF Academy, Deborah Cook, 314161
Session: COVID-19 Controversies
CCCF Academy, Jordi Mancebo, 314162
Session: Frail Populations in the ICU
CCCF Academy, Margaret Herridge, 314163
Session: Obstetrical ICU
CCCF Academy, Stephen Lapinsky, 314176
Session: Best of ICM/AJRCCM
CCCF Academy, Laurent Brochard, 314177
Session: Extracorporeal Life Support
CCCF Academy, Niall Ferguson, 314178
Session: Beyond the ICU - Shifting From Mortality to Recovery Based Critical Care
CCCF Academy, Margaret Herridge, 314179
Session: Mechanical Ventilation
CCCF Academy, Irene Telias, 314180
How I Set PEEP in ARDS?
CCCF Academy, Ewan Goligher, 314192
How to set up a Critical Care Education Program?
CCCF Academy, Christie Lee, 314193
Peri-operative Considerations for the COVID-19 Patient
CCCF Academy, Barbara Haas, 314194
How I Manage a Patient with a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage?
CCCF Academy, Victoria McCredie, 314195
RV Wellness and Imaging in the ICU
CCCF Academy, Ghislaine Doufle, 314196
How do I Prognasticate after Cardiac Arrest?
CCCF Academy, Damon Scales, 314208
How Much Fluid do I give my Patient?
CCCF Academy, Bram Rochwerg, 314209
Volatile Anesthetics in the ICU
CCCF Academy, Angela Jerath, 314210
When conflict arises between the family and Health Care Team
CCCF Academy, Elizabeth Wilcox, 314211
How I decide to intubate a patient?
CCCF Academy, Michael Sklar, 314212
How do I Prognosticate Long Term Outcomes on Admission to ICU?
CCCF Academy, Michael Detsky, 314224
How do I Approach Ventilator Asynchrony?
CCCF Academy, Alberto Goffi, 314225
When to Transfuse PRBC
CCCF Academy, Matteo Parotto, 314226
Enhancing Communication for Ventilated Patients in the ICU
CCCF Academy, Orla Smith, 314227
End of Life in the ICU – the 3 Wishes Project
CCCF Academy, James Downar, 314228
Early vs. delayed angiography after cardiac arrest
CCCF Academy, Shamir Mehta, 314240
Neuroprognostication after cardiac arrest: where are we now
CCCF Academy, J. Gordon Boyd, 314241
COVID-19: Impact on the Canadian ODT System - Peter Nickerson
CCCF Academy, Peter Nickerson, 314242
JAMA - Effect of Reduced Exposure to Vasopressors on 90-Day Mortality in Older Critically Ill Patients with Vasodilatory Hypotension: A Randomized Clinical Trial
CCCF Academy, François Lamontagne, 314243
COVID-19: Lessons from COVID-19 for Large Collaborative Clinical Trials
CCCF Academy, John Marshall, 314256
COVID+Donation and Transplant Recipient Experience
CCCF Academy, Paolo Grossi, 314257
The Use of Off-Label/ On Investigational Drugs Outside of a Controlled Environment - Alexis Turgeon
CCCF Academy, Faculty / Presenter(s), 314258
COVID-19 in Canadian ICUs - Srinivas Murthy
CCCF Academy, Srinivas Murthy, 314259
Pro: Liberal Fluid Therapy
CCCF Academy, Nathan Shapiro, 314272
Critical Care: Advise for the Next Generation
CCCF Academy, John Marshall, 314273
CCCF/CCCS Critical Care Fellows' Day (part 6)
CCCF Academy, Christie Lee, 314274
Lived Patient Experience
CCCF Academy, Fernando Fernandez, 314275
New Concepts in Weaning and Liberation from Mechanical Ventilation
CCCF Academy, Laurent Brochard, 314288
ARDS: Revisiting Non-Invasive Oxygen Strategies
CCCF Academy, Giacomo Bellani, 314289
WHO Guidelines for COVID-19
CCCF Academy, François Lamontagne, 314290
COVID-19: Medications during COVID-19 what does and does not work?
CCCF Academy, Srinivas Murthy, 314291
Caring for the chronically critically ill adult patient
CCCF Academy, Terri Hough, 314304
Caring for the chronically critically ill pediatric patient
CCCF Academy, David Wensley, 314305
Where are we now with stress ulcer prophylaxis?
CCCF Academy, Deborah Cook, 314306
Managing the geriatric patient in the ICU
CCCF Academy, Faculty / Presenter(s), 314307
Adjuvant therapies for pediatric ARDS
CCCF Academy, Nadir Yehya, 314319
Missed or delayed diagnosis of ARDS- does it matter?
CCCF Academy, John Laffey, 314320
COVID-19: Impact on Canadian Health Care Workers
CCCF Academy, Kimia Honormand, 314321
COVID-19: Convalescent Plasma
CCCF Academy, Jeannie Callum, 314322
COVID-19: Blunting the inflammatory cascade with tocilizumab
CCCF Academy, Lorenzo Del Sorbo, 314323
EHR-based Sub-phenotyping of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Patients
CCCF Academy, Abhijit Duggal, 314335
Examining cerebral neurophysiology at the end of life: The DePPaRT-Neurologic Study
CCCF Academy, Loretta Norton, 314336
Frailty as a Predictor of Survival after Critical Care: a Retrospective Cohort Study of Older Adults Receiving Home Care in Ontario, Canada
CCCF Academy, Ann Zalucky, 314337
Intraoperative Predictors of Delirium Post Cardiac Surgery: Analysis of the B-Free Pilot
CCCF Academy, Pablo Mendoza, 314338
Outcomes after Direct Discharge Home from Critical Care Units: A Population-based Cohort Analysis Using Propensity and Instrument Variable Analysis
CCCF Academy, Claudio Martin, 314339
How is sepsis in pregnancy different?
CCCF Academy, Stephen Lapinsky, 314351
ICU management of sepsis in pregnancy
CCCF Academy, Jose Rojas, 314352
Obstetrical sepsis and the anesthetist
CCCF Academy, Nuala Lucas, 314353
Obstetric considerations in sepsis management
CCCF Academy, Lauren Plante, 314354
Obstetric Sepsis in Under-Resourced Countries
CCCF Academy, Stephen Rulisa, 314355
Deseased Donation and the UK Covid Experience
CCCF Academy, Dale Gardiner, 314368
Rapid Response Recommendations for COVID-19 and OTDT in Canada
CCCF Academy, Matthew Weiss, 314369
Cancer patients in the ICU: time to shed the pessimism?
CCCF Academy, Elie Azoulay, 314370
Clinical momentum and complying with goal-concordant care
CCCF Academy, Jacqueline Kruser, 314371
Lung and Diaphragm-Protective Ventilation
CCCF Academy, Ewan Goligher, 314372

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