Dexmedetomidine Compared to Other Sedatives or Placebo in Critically Ill Mechanically Ventilated Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
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Clinician's Perspectives on The Implementation of a Personalized End of Life Program in a Community Hospital Intensive Care Unit: A Mixed-Method Study
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Safety and Efficacy of Dexmedetomidine in Acutely Ill Adults Requiring Non-Invasive Ventilation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Trials
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Outcomes in Critically Ill Adults with Influenza Infection
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Utility of a MET Call Review Committee as a Quality Improvement Tool to Identify Recurring MET Call Thematic Issues
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A Systematic Evaluation of Differences Between COVID-19 Pre-Print Research Studies and Their Final Published Format
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Levetiracetam Versus (fos)phenytoin for Second-line Treatment of Pediatric Status Epilepticus: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
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Care of Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC): A Retrospective Review of Clinical Practice
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Cardiac-Critical Care
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ICU Recovery and Long-Term Outcomes (Adult and Pediatric Perspective)
CCCF Academy, Elizabeth Wilcox, 313977
Session: COVID-19 Controversies
CCCF Academy, Jordi Mancebo, 314162
Session: Frail Populations in the ICU
CCCF Academy, Margaret Herridge, 314163
Session: Beyond the ICU - Shifting From Mortality to Recovery Based Critical Care
CCCF Academy, Margaret Herridge, 314179
Session: Mechanical Ventilation
CCCF Academy, Irene Telias, 314180
How I Manage a Patient with a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage?
CCCF Academy, Victoria McCredie, 314195
RV Wellness and Imaging in the ICU
CCCF Academy, Ghislaine Doufle, 314196
When conflict arises between the family and Health Care Team
CCCF Academy, Elizabeth Wilcox, 314211
How I decide to intubate a patient?
CCCF Academy, Michael Sklar, 314212
Enhancing Communication for Ventilated Patients in the ICU
CCCF Academy, Orla Smith, 314227
End of Life in the ICU – the 3 Wishes Project
CCCF Academy, James Downar, 314228
JAMA - Effect of Reduced Exposure to Vasopressors on 90-Day Mortality in Older Critically Ill Patients with Vasodilatory Hypotension: A Randomized Clinical Trial
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COVID-19: COVID-19 in Children
CCCF Academy, Martin Kneyber, 314244
COVID-19 in Canadian ICUs - Srinivas Murthy
CCCF Academy, Srinivas Murthy, 314259
Sepsis: Genetics of Host Susceptibility is the Way of the Future
CCCF Academy, Kenneth Baillie, 314260
Most Important Lessons from the 3 Wishes Project
CCCF Academy, Deborah Cook, 314276
COVID-19: Thromboembolic disease in critically ill patients with COVID-19 acute respiratory failure
CCCF Academy, Beverley Hunt, 314292
CIHR Distinguished Lecturer Award
CCCF Academy, Margaret Herridge, 314308
COVID-19: The impact of the pandemic on non-COVID-19 research
CCCF Academy, Deborah Cook, 314324
Repetitive Blood Draws and Blood Waste in the Intensive Care Unit: A Retrospective Cohort Study
CCCF Academy, Thomas Bodley, 314340
AJRCCM: Use of Hydrocortisone, Ascorbic Acid and Thiamine in Adults with Septic Shock
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Driving pressure and mechanical power
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Reverse Triggering, A Missed Phenomenon in the Literature
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Drug Utilization Evaluation of Chlorothiazide in a Paediatric Quaternary Centre
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New-Onset Atrial Fibrillation and Associated Outcomes and Resource Utilization Among Critically Ill Adults
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Influence of body mass index on respiratory mechanics in acute respiratory distress syndrome: a multicenter cohort study.
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Clinical and Social Implications of Acetaminophen Intoxication: A Retrospective Study
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Publication of pediatric critical care RCTs: A methodologic review of journals
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Compassionate End-of-Life Care in the ICU: Mixed-methods multi-site evaluation of the 3 Wishes Project
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Evaluation of clinical features and prognostic factors in critically ill patients with rheumatic diseases
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Peri-Operative Hypertensive Urgencies; Etiologic Factors and Therapeutic modalities used
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Reducing Hyperoxia in the Critical Care Unit: a Quality Improvement Initiative
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Physical Rehabilitation Interventions in Pediatric Critical Care Research: A scoping review of methodology and reporting
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The Cerebral Perfusion Index: Developing a Novel Model of Cerebral Perfusion in the Intensive Care Unit
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Antiviral Treatments and Advanced Supportive Care for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome: A Systematic Review
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Intravenous sodium bicarbonate in lactic acidosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies and randomized trials
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Vancouver General Hospital Pulmonary Embolism Response Team (VGH PERT): Initial 3-year Experience in the Multidisciplinary Care of Patients with Massive and Submassive Pulmonary Embolism
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Cardiac arrest & CPR quality in a tertiary PICU: Recognition, challenges & opportunities
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Long-term Clinical Outcomes and Health Care Costs of Canadian Adults with Sepsis: A Population-based, Retrospective Cohort Study
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Catheter Management Across Patients with Hematologic Malignancies and Catheter-Related Blood Stream Infections: A Systematic Review
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Impact of Anticoagulation on Mortality and Resource Utilization Among Critically Ill Patients with Major Bleeding in the ICU
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A prospective cohort study of cognitive function in ICU survivors using the Cambridge Brain Sciences 6-test battery (CBS-6)
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Esophageal Pressure Guideline in the Intensive Care Unit
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Agitation, Confusion and Aggression in Critically Ill trAumatic brain injury patients – a pilot cohort study (ACACIA-PILOT)
CCCF Academy, David Williamson, 283449
Sex-Specific Prevalence, Correlates and Outcomes of Frailty in Critically Ill Patients
CCCF Academy, Erin Hessey, 283358
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Implementation of a Pain, Agitation and Delirium Program in PICU: Improved comfort and decreased exposure to opioids and benzodiazepines
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Lower respiratory tract microbiota is associated with inflammation and hospital mortality in acute respiratory distress syndrome: a pilot study
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Efficacy and Safety of Intravenous Iron in Critically Ill Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
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Improving transitions of care between the Intensive Care Unit and General Internal Medicine Ward: A Demonstration Study
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Sedative, analgesic and neuromuscular blocker use in TBI patients admitted to Canadian ICUs: a multicenter, observational study
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Latent class analysis of pediatric patients with sepsis at community hospitals
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Vasopressor Dosing in Septic Shock Clinical Trials: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
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What is known about parental attitudes towards participation in pediatric critical care research? A scoping review
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Non-invasive positive pressure ventilation management by medical and surgical inpatient services
CCCF Academy, Mirna Attalla, 283366
The Risk for ICU Delirium (RIDE) Models: Cross-Validated LASSO Logistic Regression Based on Admission Acuity
CCCF Academy, Stephana Cherak, 283374
The Poisoning Severity Score, can it be used to assess the severity of an acute poisoning?
CCCF Academy, Geneviève Lacroix, 283377
Biomarkers and lung ultrasound to predict pneumonia in patients of lung laceration or contusion after traumatic chest injury
CCCF Academy, Sukhen Samanta, 283379
Diagnosis of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Mechanically Ventilated Adult Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
CCCF Academy, Shannon Fernando, 283397
Early Mortality in Critical Illness: A Descriptive Analysis and Case Control Study of Patients Who Died Within 24 Hours of ICU Admission
CCCF Academy, Sarah Andersen, 285185
A scoping review of passive exercise in healthy subjects and ICU patients
CCCF Academy, Jennifer Chen, 283446
Pre-Arrest and Intra-Arrest Prognostic Factors Associated with Survival Following Traumatic Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest – A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
CCCF Academy, Alexandre Tran, 283454
'We are preventing pneumonia and saving lives, one clean mouth at a time.' : A content analysis of the use of research evidence in support of oral health claims made in clinical educational materials produced by industry
CCCF Academy, Anna Millington, 285178
The burden on emergency centres to provide care for critically ill patients in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
CCCF Academy, Finot Debebe Yayehyirad, 285181
Frontline Therapists' Perceptions of Implementing a Novel Rehabilitation Intervention Research Study with Patients in the Intensive Care Unit: A Trinational survey
CCCF Academy, Julie Reid, 283357
REACT: A Pre-Clerkship Bootcamp to Improve Student Knowledge and Interest in Critical Care Specialties
CCCF Academy, Frank Battaglia, 283431
Bacterial Tracheitis: a case of severe upper airway obstruction in a previously healthy adult female
CCCF Academy, Natalia Ovtcharenko, 283443
CCCF Academy, Fiona Muttalib, 283353
Standardizing Substitute Decision-Making Identification & Documentation in Critical and Acute Care
CCCF Academy, Rosalind Abdool, 283400
Measurement of occult Pendelluft by Electrical Impedance Tomography in difficult weaning patients undergoing assisted mechanical ventilation
CCCF Academy, Alice Grassi, 283433
The Regulation of Occludin mRNA by miR193b-5p in Influenza Induced ARDS
CCCF Academy, Chirag Vaswani, 283436
Skeletal troponin I in serum and diaphragmatic ultrasound in mechanically ventilated intensive care unit patients: a prospective observational study
CCCF Academy, Savino Spadaro, 283439
CCCF Academy, Bruno Gomes, 283442
The Association Between Nutritional Risk Index and ICU Mortality Across Hematologic Malignancy Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure
CCCF Academy, Rena Seeger, 283450
Diagnosis of Elevated Intracranial Pressure in Critically Ill Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
CCCF Academy, Shannon Fernando, 285173
Frailty and Associated Outcomes Following Invasive Mechanical Ventilation
CCCF Academy, Shannon Fernando, 283356
PEDIATRIC VIRTUAL CRITICAL CARE Pilot Study: A qualitative assessment survey
CCCF Academy, Sonny Dhanani, 283387
Mechanical Ventilation in ARDS Patients Managed With and Without VV-ECMO
CCCF Academy, Aneesh Thakore, 283389
Risk factors for concomitant bacterial infection in critically ill infants with bronchiolitis
CCCF Academy, Christina Maratta, 283425
Outcomes and Costs of Patients with Cirrhosis Admitted to Intensive Care Unit
CCCF Academy, Chintan Dave, 283426
Setting Tidal Volume scaled on End Expiratory Lung Volume (TiVel): a safety and feasibility study
CCCF Academy, Alice Grassi, 283430
Evaluation of Immunosuppression and pneumonia following Endothelin 1-induced stroke
CCCF Academy, Jose Emiliano Arriola Villafuerte, 283441
Urinary Biomarkers of Acute Kidney Injury in the Ovation-65 trial: A Nested Analysis of the Urinary Proteome
CCCF Academy, Mehdi Jabrane, 285171
Trends in opioid use before critical illness among elderly patients in Ontario
CCCF Academy, Han Ting Wang, 285174
Baseline L-ascorbic acid levels in OVATION65
CCCF Academy, Isabelle Viens, 285177
Driving clinical best practice through a provincial audit and feedback approach: Alberta's ICU Delirium Initiative
CCCF Academy, Jeanna Morrissey, 283364
Single-centre evaluation of differential leukocyte ratios as biomarkers of mortality in patients with acute-on-chronic liver failure admitted to the intensive care unit
CCCF Academy, Victor Dong, 283401
The clinical utility of respiratory viral testing in critically ill infants with viral bronchiolitis
CCCF Academy, Kim Chloe Noel, 283419
Resumption of diaphragmatic activity after intubation often occurs with a pattern consistent with reverse triggering
CCCF Academy, Irene Telias, 283423
Elevated urea to creatinine ratio provides a biochemical signature of muscle catabolism and persistent critical illness after major trauma
CCCF Academy, Ryan Haines, 283438

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